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Problems with the WiFi of the phone or your laptop?…

It is not uncommon for mobiles or laptops to give us problems, and WiFi may be the protagonist of some of them. If your mobile or laptops do not connect to WiFi, you try to connect to a new network and you do not succeed, even if it is silly, the first thing you should do is make sure that you are entering the password correctly, if the password is correct and you continue to have Problems to connect try another device you have on hand (tablet, another mobile, etc.).

  • Verify that you can connect your mobile to other WiFi networks. In case it gives you failures, the problem is in your mobile. In this case, try updating the software or restoring to factory settings.
  • If you can access the router, turn it off and on again. Sometimes the problem comes from leaving the router on for a long time. Try connecting your mobile again once the router has restarted.
  • If you have the option of “internet sharing”, confirm that this function is deactivated since this turns your phone into a sender instead of a receiver of the signal.
  • Finally, and in case it still does not work, add the WiFi network manually.

If you have tried all the solutions we have given you and your mobile does not connect to WiFi, chances are that your mobile has a broken WiFi antenna, you can stop by our store and we will repair your device so you can use your WiFi again without any problem.



Common problems that the WiFi of your device can present

  • Loss of WiFi network connection
  • Cannot connect to a local network
  • WiFi network is not recognized
  • Slow connection
  • Damaged WiFi antenna

Everything has an easy solution, as long as the appropriate settings are known. At Soscellphone we can help you, visit us!


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