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I accidentally dropped the phone in toilet, whas do I do? My son spilled his juice on the laptop, where can I take it? What do I do if I spill water on the Tablet?

They are very common questions that they leave on our social networks. When a liquid is spilled on an electronic device it can cause problems with the internal circuits making it unusable or simply damage it, if something like this happens to you, you should clean it quickly and not turn it on until the device is completely dry. Once the device has been dried and cleaned, it turns on and if it works properly CHEVER! If not, at Sosacellphone we have the most viable option you can go to our specialized center where it will be diagnosed if your device is recoverable or not and where we will offer you the best solution for your problem.


Common problems that can occur after accidentally wetting an electronic device

When an electronic device gets wet, it usually presents some faults such as:

  • The device does not turn on
  • Device component failure
  • Battery does not charge

In these cases, the use of the technical service may be recommended. At Sosacellphone we have a large team of expert professionals who can evaluate, diagnose and repair your device. We are here to help you!


We accept your device


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