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Problems with your device software? Do the programs not work correctly? Did your device stay on the logo?

When we frequently use laptops or tablets, it may happen that the Operating System fails. This system is the one that manages the resources of the machine, coordinates the hardware and organizes files and directories on storage devices.

On mobile devices we can also find this fault but less frequently unless we do a very bad manipulation or the device is of poor quality. At Sosacellphone we work with the different operating systems that we can find in the market. We offer our clients quality work and a guarantee of good operation, we have trained professionals and specialists in operating systems for pc (MICROSOFT WINDOWS, MAC OS) and mobile devices (Google Android, Apple iOS)


Main failures that occur when the operating system is damaged

When the operating system does not load, it does not work correctly or it is simply damaged, either on a mobile device or a laptop, the problems that may arise are usually very similar, for example:

* The laptop or mobile freezes.
* It works slowly.
* Device problems.
* Failure to access networks and the Internet.
* Application failures.

When this happens it is best to have an expert in Sosacellphone we have trained personnel to solve and clarify your doubts in record time


We accept your device


We diagnose and repair your device


You withdraw your device

“At Sosacellphone we know that your time is valuable, that is why we strive to you an answer in the shortest possible time”

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