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Problems with the battery of your device?

Another problem that Laptops, tablets and cell phones usually present is that
They have the damaged battery or that they do not work as they should, it is very common that when you need your phone the most, it never has enough battery even though you do not use it all the time.

There are different factors that can affect your battery such as temperature or the operating system of the phone or computer, in the same way there are techniques to take care of the battery such as: give it proper use, do not use the device directly connected to the current, let the device charge fully and correctly … But if you have already tried everything and your battery continues to fail, it is best to visit a technical service, at Sosacellphone we have professionals who can help you improve the performance of your battery and if There is no option but to change it, we also help you with that, offering you products with their guarantee and of the highest quality.


Some common causes of why your battery is damaged electronic devices are…

  • Not using your device correctly
  • Have active applications that you are not using
  • Charge the device overnight
  • Use pirate chargers
  • Exposing to extreme temperatures
  • Liquid spill damage
  • Connect and disconnect the device without having charged 100%


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