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Mobile phones

We perform physical and logical repairs to different mobile devices, change of loads pin, change of broken glass, etc.


We do physical and logical repairs to all models and brands of tablets, charging pins, batteries, broken glass, etc.


We offer corrective and preventive maintenance services for the different brands and models of laptops on the market.

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We have the latest equipment and technical resources and highly trained and qualified personnel with your best predisposition to attend, respond and solve your problems or queries. We are continuously incorporating new solutions and technologies to improve our response, day by day we seek to provide our customers with the highest quality, speed and flexibility in our care.


When you have a business, what matters most is that the repair processes do not last forever. The official technical services are committed to giving a quick response to your problem. Repair companies generally do not guarantee such short settlement times. But, at Sosacellphone we know that your time is valuable… that is why we guarantee you a high quality work in the shortest possible time…


You, our client, are the centerpiece of our company. Without you, we would not be here, nor would we have to work thousands of hours to improve our services, nor would we need to update our products, nor would we have any reason to offer such close and effective customer service. We are clear that we are here to offer solutions to your needs.

Privacy policy

Our company pays special attention to privacy of your data. No information from your gadget will be transferred to a third party. We respect our customers.


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